From our point of view, photography is a means of expression and transmission of emotions and we want to shate it with you.


Do you want to learn how to use your camera and get the best out of it? Do you feel stuck and you don't know how to improve your technique? Are you sure your photographic equipment fulfils your needs? Do you want to move away from 'point and shoot' photography? Do you want to learn more about photographic technique: how a camera works, understand what an image is, learn how to frame propertly, control the focus, edit an image or roll film, know how to print a picture and/or develop film rolls? Do you want to learn more about photography (rule o thirds, white balance concepts, depth of field, lighting techniques, lens corrections, etc.)?


All this and much more is included in our Workshops. Do you want to enjoy them with us?

Get the most out of your camera

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Composition workshop with bicycle in Barcelona

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Macro photography workshop in Barcelona

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