Photography makes possible to perpetuate unique moments that will never occur again. Our passion is to capture and materialise them.

Restaurants photography

Photographs from restaurants, commercial offices, coffee shops, etc. are used to show the essence of your business and allow you to gain new clients. It is a very important aspect to keep in mind, since the photos you show are what your potential new customers see first: the web, social media, advertisements, leaflets, etc.


The current trend as users as users is to search on the internet the restaurant where we want to go. Having in your website good photographs will help you to attract new clients, you will gain visibility and customers will go to the restaurant knowing what they will find there. Additionally, in case you need it, we can prepare your images with your logo, watermark, etc. and we optimize them so that they can be directly uploaded to your site, social media, etc. We take care of all... you put the local and we put the camera and the knowledge.

Interiors photography

In Nebari estudi we can find the best angles and views of your restaurant or commercial office. In addition, photographs will be done in the way that all facilities and the most important aspects of your business will be shown and promoted in the best way. In a photo-shoot session we usually take two types of pictures:


- Descriptive photographs of the interiors: they are used to describe how the place is, showing all facilities, multiple spaces, installations, etc.

- Art photography playing with details, spaces, light and decoration: with them you will gain the attention and interest of your site-visitors.


Below you can find some example of some works done. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Photography of dishes

Another type of photography we also offer as a service for restaurants and bars is the food photography. The best chefs take care of their great dishes, snacks, tapas, etc. and the result deserves beeing photographed. Textures, combinations of colors and shapes, distribution of food on the plate... we will take pictures that will encourage people to book a table in your restaurant to taste the dishes. There are multiple places you can place the food photography: on the web-site, flyers, menus, advertising promotions, etc.


We can also make interactive 360º photographs of your dishes. Pkease check our product photography section to see examples and have more information.