Photography makes possible to perpetuate unique moments that will never occur again. Our passion is to capture and materialise them.

Product photography

Product photography will help you to provide the client all product information you wish to show, with all its details.


From our photo studio in Barcelona, fully equipped, we take pictures of products showing the design, shape, tecture, colors, finishes, etc. to highlight the qualities and make them attractive to your customers.

We have two different solutions for product photography, depending on the desired degree of interactivity with the end user:

    - 360º degrees photography

    - Conventional photography

360 degrees photography

360 degrees product photography is an ideal option for online stores (e-commerce). They allow the user to interact with the product to buy beeing able to see it from any angle and in full detail.

Thanks to 360 degrees photography we turn the display of any device into a showroom of the photographed product.


It is proved that this type of photography increases the online sale rate of products.


Below you have 3 examples to play with. Click on the images and interact with them: you can rotate them by dragging them with the mouse and zoom in and out to see details of the products from the angle you wish.

Conventional photography

Conventional product photography is normally used in catalogs, brochures, online shops, etc.

It is a simple and effective way to show your products on- and off-line.


In Nebari estudi we also have specialists in graphic design. If you have to design a catalog with the images we take, have a look at our portfolio of graphic design and contact us to have a quotation too.