Graphic Design

Graphic design is used to communicate and give visual messages in an effective way. In Nebari estudi we create attractive design, with personality and visual balance to communicate values and messages in every specific case. We make original designs playing with shapes, composition, colours, fonts, layouts, textures, emotions, feelings, etc. to communicate through visual perception the essence of your company. 


Corporate identity - Branding

To create a corporate identity is to materialize and visually communicate the essence of the company. We express the values and mission of the company as a logo design and we prepare all additional designs you need: business cards, evelopes, stamps, catalogs, flyers, merchandising, etc. If you company already has a corporate image and you wish to change and adapt it to the market, we can make a redesign of its brand to strengthen and enhance the character of the company.


Advertising design

Advertising design is the creation, layout and design of printed and on-line publications, such as catalogs, brochures, posters, leaflets, flyers, banners, packaging, labels, shirts, etc. During the design process, it's very important to analyze the product, know to whom it is directed, competition, etc. With a detailed information about the product we can create an original, creative and effective advertising design.

Each project is unique, that is why in Nebari estudi we analyse the company/customer and we create an appropriate advertising design for every need.


Originality, creativity and emotions are the most significant values we bring in our graphic design.


As Albert Einstein said, creativity is intelligence having fun.


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