Photography makes possible to perpetuate unique moments that will never occur again. Our passion is to capture and materialise them.

Events photography

In Nebari estudi we have a long experience in events photography. We are especialists on covering press conferences, concerts, inauguration ceremonies, corporate events, conventions, festivals, outdoor activities, presentations, etc.

We are professional photographers, we take care of every detail, we know how to deal with difficult light conditions and big groups of people.


We like to freeze unique moments of your events. We have travel availability, it doesn't matter where the event takes place. For us, the most important thing is to tell what happened in the event through images.


We can also make a video-summary of the event. We do it using the pictures taken during the event, so that all activities, conferences, etc. will be reflected there. It is a nice way to summarise and share what happened during an event.


We adapt to any kind of event. Our team of photographers will make sure that everything is documented.

Tell us what event you have to be covered and we will document it in a way you will always remember. Ask us for a quotation.